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Introducing the partition that is all about driver comfort!   There is a trend happening with cargo van owners in the market.  They want a product that offers more value than the traditional steel partition provides.  Something that quiets the cab area, provides more leg room and provides better climate control.  Drivers that spend 8-12 hours a day working out of their mobile office want a more comfortable experience. 

Adrian Steel’s new line of composite partitions offers unparalleled comfort for the driver. 

Climate Control – Quickly cool down or heat up the cab area of the cargo van, reduce idle time doing so and save fuel!

Sound Deadening – Reduce the harshness of the cargo noise entering the cab area.  This reduces driver distractions and makes for a quieter environment to communicate when driving.

Leg Room – Full seat travel and a comfortable recline angle makes the composite partition our most comfortable line of partitions we sell.

Organize – Partitions are great location to hang your cargo.  Easily add safety items like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, or hooks to hang your extension cords or hoses.  Additional accessory kits are available to customize your Adrian Steel composite partition even more.


Bulkheads Keep Cargo Where it Belongs:  In the Cargo Area 

If you have a work vehicle, you need a bulkhead.  Bulkheads, or partitions, section off the cab area of your vehicle from the cargo area, and keep your tools and equipment in the back.  This creates a divider between you, the driver, and your heavy cargo.  By ensuring your cargo is secure behind a bulkhead, you are also ensuring your safety, and the safety of your passengers.  If your vehicle were to stop suddenly, your equipment would not shift or fly into the cab area, which could result in injury to yourself or others.

Bulkheads also offer a level of organization not otherwise achievable.  As a professional, efficiency is everything.  Bulkheads and partitions save time by creating a secure cargo area.  Not only that, you can mount various accessories onto your bulkhead or partition, which further organizes your equipment.


S-M-C Series Bulkheads and Partitions

Adrian Steel's S-M-C Series partitions fit GMC and Chevrolet full size vans. Choose from solid or perforated top panels made from 18-gauge steel for strength and finished in a tough Steel-Cote powder coat paint.

All hinged door partitions come standard with two 6” hinges, bulb seal, and a slam latch. These features reduce vibration noise.  

Center M panels can be fixed or hinged with a key-locking door.

Panel Kits & Wing Kits

Van bulkheads and partitions are sold as panel kits and wing kits. Please see application chart to confirm the appropriate panel kit and wing kit for your GM van.  Partition panel kits and wing kits include assembly and installation fasteners for base van trim level.  Higher trim levels may require modifying trim or partition.  Wing kits are available in a standard position or an extended position for more leg room.

Types of Bulkheads

Adrian Steel offers a large variety of GMC and Chevrolet Bulkheads.      

To select the right bulkhead for your GMC AND CHEVROLET vehicle, first determine which features are most important to you. 

  • Pass through access:  Choose between a solid partition (fixed door) or one with a locking, hinged door.
  • Visibility:  Choose which panels you would like to be perforated for added visibility.
  • Driver Comfort:  Choose the extended wing kit for 3” of extra leg room in the cab (reduces cargo area.)
  • Organization:  Choose from a variety of bulkhead accessories that mount directly on the partition for easy access.

S-M-C Hinged Door Bulkheads

  • Center key-locking door
  • Finished with Steel-Cote powder coat paint
  • Include assembly and installation fasteners for base van trim level.
    • Modification of trim of bulkhead may be required for higher trim levels
    • Sold as panel kits and wing kits

S-M-C Fixed Door Bulkheads

  • Include assembly and installation fasteners for base van trim level.
    • Modification of trim of bulkhead may be required for higher trim levels
    • Solid or perforated panels
    • Finished with Steel-Cote powder coat paint
    • Sold as panel kits and wing kits

X Series Bulkheads

  • Maximum side and rear view mirror visibility
  • Designed with large perforated upper panel
  • Made from 16-gauge steel
  • Finished with Steel-Cote powder coat paint

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