4064 Knockout

Item #4064 Knockout


40,000 FT.- LB. Moment Rating  and  6,400 Lb. Max Capacity.

●  Power elevation from -5 degrees to + 75 degrees.

● The 4064XP-22 has full power extension from 10ft.- 22ft.

● The 4064XP-30 has full power extension from 14ft.- 30ft.

● Continuous & Unlimited  power rotation.

● Rotates on a gear bearing with external gear driven by a worm gear box with a 45:1 ratio.

● Both load sensor & anti two-block are standard.

● All cylinders have a integral counterbalance valve for safety, this valve holds

   the load in the event of hose failure and controls the rate of boom decent.

● Planetary gear winch for best efficiency.

● Wireless Proportional control system is standard.